MGA Holiday Appeal

ornaments in goldThe Myasthenia Gravis Association appreciates your continued support. Over the last 50+ years, with your generous assistance, we have been able to help countless persons with MG continue to lead productive lives in the community. Here are some of their stories:

“Advertising Executive and single mom of three with a busy traveling schedule was admited to ER with signs of a stroke. After 5 days in the hospital and numerous tests there was still no confirmed diagnosis for the double vision and weakness. Several tests later and two different neurologists, MG was confirmed. Colleague referred her to MGA where she continues to get support and leads an active life, working part-time and busy grandmother of nine.”

“I was diagnosed with MG in 2010. I was 58 and still working as a high school teacher and baseball coach. I had double vision for over two months. My wife contacted the MG association office, and with their help, we received valuable information along with referrals for MG neurologist. I was on prednisone and then cellcept for 4 years. I retired 4 years ago but remained active riding my bike 20 plus miles, working out at the gym 3 times a week and playing in a 55 and over baseball league. Assumed to be in remission, I continue to participate as an active member and volunteer for MGA.”

Your donation to MGA during this Holiday Season will allow for the continued support of persons with myasthenia gravis as they strive to lead productive and healthy lives. Download printable donation form here.


Happy Holidays wish from mga staff